Pump Troubles!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty groggy. Awfully so. I thought perhaps the dreaded Keto Flu had hit me (this still might be the case!), but after testing my blood sugars realised something was up (Besides my levels…).

I tested at 19.8mmol/l (About 375mg/dl for those on the other side of the world 😉 ). Considering I ate only 10g of carbs yesterday, and was injecting suitably, something didn’t seem right. So I picked up my pump, by the wire. The only issue was, the pump didn’t come with it. At some point in the night, the reservoir had turned out of the pump… I estimate it had happened earlier in my sleep as when I disconnected the cannula from myself and put the reservoir back in – so much insulin shot out! Christ, if that’s how much I had missed taking then no wonder I was high!

Either way, I’m hoping that my head is going to clear and I’ll stop feeling this weird mix of heavy/floaty when I walk. I had almost forgotten what being this high felt like, which is definitely a plus. With any luck I’ll forget for quite some time!

Do any of you guys have similar issues with your pump or even your insulin in your sleep?

– Lydia x


Seizures and therefore, lack of progress…

I had been hoping to test my ketones on Tuesday, under the impression that I had hopefully hit ketosis.

I forgot to do it. Then on Wednesday morning, after waking with low blood sugars three times in the night, I had a seizure.

Not a bad one. My partner didn’t wake up so I can’t have been shaking too violently. The only signs were my incredibly painful lips where I had bitten down, the extraordinarily high blood sugar in the morning, the aching of all my muscles (I honestly questioned whether I had been hit by a bus…) and finally, the taste of disgusting sugar surrounding my mouth. I’ve experienced all this before from previous seizures so tend to know what I’m looking for now – needless to say, I’ve spent the past two days recovering before I’m now back to work and feeling better.

Anyway, that night and the next day, my levels were pretty low (except for the first blood test – but that seemed to solve itself pretty quickly). I’ve ended up halving my insulin so that I could return safely to keto yesterday – and it’s working nicely now, levels of 5-6mmol/l (90-110mg/dl) and they’re definitely stable.

Due to the amount of sugar I had to consume to stabilize my levels, I was 100% kicked out of ketosis (I estimate I ate about 500g of carbs that day – I have no idea what was going on).

Anyway, today is the second day back in – I’ll test for ketones either today or tomorrow and will be monitoring my night time levels pretty strictly – so if whatever happened that day happens again, hopefully I’ll catch it beforehand.

– Lydia x

Organisation… Oh god no!

So, turns out I’m actually doing much better than I thought I would this time round.

I’m kicking myself in to gear. I’m back on my low carb (Keto) diet and seeing far better and stabilized levels.

Which is pretty fab, if I do say so myself 😉

I’m starting to really log everything on MySugr now, even all my food data – something I always held back just because I’m using MyFitnessPal. Now that I’m bothering to input the data, I’m definitely seeing trends with different types of foods. Genius really, anyone would think it was made for the purpose – I know I know…

In the past week, I was told that I have Hashimoto’s disease and PCOS. Kind of stumbled a bit with the levels over those days, simply because I hit the good ol’ ‘Why do I bother?’ block, before realising that if I stop now – things are only going to get worse. Sometimes prevention is difficult, and that’s why hindsight can make you kick yourself – but there’s no point in getting down, and my recent levels are proving this.

I think my biggest issue with following keto is definitely remembering to test and correct. It’s easy to feel that because you’re eating few carbs, your levels won’t rise. They do. Oh, they do. They’re sneaky.

Anyway, alongside the MySugr results, I’ve decided to print weekly/monthly reports and put them in my Filofax under the ‘Health’ section. I’m hoping this will work for me and keep me motivated!

I’ll take a picture next month, and show y’all how it goes!

– Lydia x

Admitting things pt. 2

So, I screwed up a little. Not enough for the A1C to rise too much, but enough for me to be annoyed at myself.

I decided to live on account of myself and looking forward to the future and a life with my boyfriend sounds pretty cushty. I’m just struggling with the control part – it takes 21 days to form a habit but those 21 days where you fight against what seems ‘normal’ can end up being a very long 21 days.

So this is my challenge for the month starting today on the 16th February 2015. I’m going to test at least three times every day. I owe myself that much. I’m going to log ALL my results and food into MySugr and MyFitnessPal – I want to be able to see results. I’m going to put my weekly/monthly reports from MySugr into my Filofax under a ‘Health’ section so I’ve always got the proof that what I’m doing is so worth it. I’ll also keep track of how I’m feeling because right now I’m just constantly tired and somewhat nervous.

Once these 21 days are over, I’m going to start my Ketogenic lifestyle once more. I can only admit now that I wasn’t taking care or control whilst eating that way – and that was dangerous. It’s not surprising that I ended up in hospital – I’m only grateful that I can now see the way forwards after reviewing backwards.

Finally, I want to start blogging more. I enjoy blogging, enjoy the release of frustration and the ability to see other people around me going through similar things… Reminding myself that I’m not alone. Since falling away from my diabetic friends, it’s getting harder to remember that – though the #diabetic tag on Tumblr and Instagram keeps me going!

So, here you are guys. If I don’t keep these promises, by all means private message me and kick me up the butt.

– Lydia x

No Fizz?! A whole month? Oh hell no.

So my boyfriend and I are somewhat fizzyholics.

We would buy about 16 cans every Monday and by the Friday, most if not ALL would have disappeared.

Though admittedly we did both used to be worse.

Anyway, we’ve decided that spending this amount on fizzy drinks is ridiculous, and I’ve challenge the both of us to go a month without fizz. I started on the 4th of September, and he on the 8th. However, I’m extending mine to the 8th too, just because I don’t want to be tempting him when I can have the drink and he can’t…

We’re doing well. I’ve stopped tuning in to the sound of people opening cans, and we’ve both commented that we feel less tired after lunch (Although we’re both still absolutely shattered all the time… we should look more into this).

The first week I’ll admit that my face broke out in horrible blotchiness. I guess my body was detoxing whatever it had in it – quite nasty really. My skin is now a lot smoother though, almost like how it would be whilst in Ketosis. It’s quite nice really…

However, even if we are halfway there, we both really fancy a cold glass of normal/Diet Coke.

Mmmmm. Coooooke.

A slight (big) admission…

So after a trip into hospital with Diabetic Ketoacidosis, I’ve decided that the Ketogenic diet isn’t for me right now. Whilst it is most definitely my preferred choice of both losing weight AND looking after myself – I cannot safely stay within the healthy realms of blood sugar results. I often fall off of mySugr’s chart, and this isn’t good. With ketones already in my body, it doesn’t take long for them to go from healthy to fatal – this isn’t an over-exaggeration either, my Insulin Pump had died for only four hours yet I was struggling to breath and not throw up by this stage.

This isn’t to say I’m removing myself from low-carb completely however – I don’t want to start indulging in unhealthy habits, and enjoyed my regular doses of green vegetables. I’ve also become absolutely addicted to Spinach, it makes me feel insanely good (Think Popeye!). As such, I will still be trying to keep my carbohydrates around the 100g mark. Whether you all consider that low-carb or not is up to you, but considering I used to eat an average of 250g per day – I know I’ll still benefit somewhat.

All of my carbohydrates will come from healthier forms of food though. I’m switching my standard pasta to wholewheat, along with my tortilla wraps. Every meal includes at least one of my five a day. Breakfast usually has one, lunch two and dinner; three.

I’m also going to be pushing my exercise regime further. I’m quitting the gym at my work and going to attend my old one with the best classes and trainers. I am going to use the trainers too. I want to learn to properly (and safely) lift weights and see my body change as it becomes more toned. This is incredibly important to me.

So the above are my new challenges. I understand that I may lose those of you who followed me for the ‘Keto’ tag, and as such I apologise but understand if you unfollow (not to mention, wish you the best of luck!). However, if you still want the same as me, to tone and lose or are a fellow diabetic – I implore you to stay with me!

Bulletproof Trialing…

So while I’m throwing my all into remaining in nutritional ketosis, I find it hard not to consume more protein that fats – very hard.

After Tumbl’ing for hours feeling frustrated that once again my macros were too high in protein, I discovered the Bulletproof Coffee. A coffee made with MCT or Coconut oil (80ish % MCT), whipped cream, butter and coffee. Now, I’ve tried this before with my last keto attempt and found that my body just cannot hold coffee. Without being crude, I really never wanted to leave the bathroom, and that’s not the way I like to be.

This time I’m changing things up. I researched into the Bulletproof way of doing things and found that ruled.me had supplied an idea that just seemed perfect.


That’s right. ICED Bulletproof Tea. Not even coffee. Gods have mercy, my tea is going to disappear now. Once I’ve been paid this month and bought some more Coconut oil that is…!

So my plan is to make 5 of these every Sunday with either my Salted Caramel Green Teas (These are delicious by the way, I definitely recommend them – and will be trying the Gingerbread versions soon too!) or my Vanilla Black Teas. Then, each weekday before work, I’ll tip them in the blender with a splash of boiling water to slush things up a bit and take it to work with me.

This genuinely excites me. Maybe once again I’ll actually manage a morning without snacking! I shall be posting again regarding this in a couple of weeks, just to let y’all know how it’s going and what flavours I’m finding to suit my tastes…

If you’re already using a version of the Bulletproof drinks, let me know what you suggest!

Wishing y’all the best of ‘betes results

– Lydia